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Evidence for PeVatrons, the Milky Way's Most Powerful Particle Accelerators

The Tibet ASγ experiment, a China-Japan joint research project on cosmic-ray observation, has discovered ultra-high-energy diffuse gamma rays from the Milky Way galaxy. The highest... More>>


Observation of the Zcs(3985) Strange Four-quark Meson: The first hidden-charm tetraquark state with non-zero strangeness

In the March 12, 2021 issue of Physical Review Letters, the BESIII collaboration reports the discovery of an exotic...

Discovery of a Potential Cosmic-ray Accelerator in the Galaxy: The Tibet ASγ experiment opens a window on the origin of PeV cosmic rays

The Tibet ASgamma experiment, a Sino-Japanese joint research project, has discovered gamma rays beyond 100 TeV coming from...

Insight-HXMT Gives Insight into Origin of Fast Radio Bursts

The latest observations from Insight-HXMT were published online in Nature Astronomy on Feb. 18. Insight-HXMT has discovered...