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Chinese Astronomers Measure Geometric Distance to Quasar 3C 273

Since the discovery of quasars more than half a century ago, measuring their distances has always been a fundamental problem for cosmology. Recently, a team led by Professor WANG Jianmin... More>>


First Half of LHAASO KM2A Now in Operation

Construction on the first half of the 1-km2 Extensive Air Shower (EAS) array (KM2A) located at the Large High Altitude Air...

BSRF Wraps Up Year with Second Successful Run

The Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility (BSRF) successfully wrapped up its second dedicated run on Dec. 13 to end a year...

BESIII Draft White Paper Online

The BESIII Collaboration officially released a draft version of its White Paper on the Future Physics Programme of BESIII...