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IHEP and University of Malaya Sign a Memorandum of Understanding (Imaged by IHEP)
Delegation of the University of Malaya Visits IHEP and Signs a Memorandum of Understanding

A five-person delegation from the University of Malaya in Malaysia (UM), headed by Prof Dr Zanariah Abdullah, the Dean of the Faculty of Science, visited IHEP on April 11, 2017. Prof. Wang Yifang, Director of IHEP, along with Prof. Chen...


Prof.Lou Xinchou delivers a speech on the seminar (Image by IHEP)
CEPC Spring Seminar Held

The 2017 Spring Seminar of the Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC) Project was held at Central China Normal University...

IHEP Seminar for Strategic Planning held

The Institute of High Energy Physics held its 2017 Seminar for Strategic Planning from April 12th to 13th in Beijing. IHEP...

IHEP and CU, SUT and NARIT sign a Memorandum of Understanding for scientific collaboration (Image by IHEP)
IHEP in China, and CU, SUT and NARIT in Thailand Sign a Memorandum of Understanding for Scientific Collaboration

At a ceremony today at Beijing, the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHEP), Chulalongkorn...