The IHEP International Office offers year-round Science Communication internships for undergraduate and graduate students.

Interns will learn to write short news articles, press releases and stories for publication on the IHEP website, social media channels and elsewhere, communicating the lab’s work to a wider audience. Interns may also be able to participate in writing and design of brochures, factsheets and other publicity materials for IHEP.

Applicants should be students or recent graduates in science, journalism or a related field, with an interest in communicating scientific research to a more general audience, and good English writing skills.

To apply, please prepare two or three English writing samples, less than approximately 500 words for each sample, which reports some recent science news in a form suitable for a newspaper, magazine or blog. Email a cover letter, CV and the writing sample to Mr. GUO Lijun, Head of IHEP International Office,