We are always looking for more scientists and engineers, at all career stages, to join us in exploring this amazing universe. Whether you are a student, postdoc or established career scientist, why not consider bringing your skills to IHEP There are long- and short-term opportunities available in our world-class research programmes, including high energy physics, particle astrophysics, cosmology, synchrotron radiation and advanced accelerator physics.

IHEP is a Chinese Academy of Sciences research institute, with over 1400 employees, of which about 600 are senior scientists and engineers. Our main campus is in Beijing, with a branch campus in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. In addition to regular staff positions and postdoctoral research positions. Employment packages come with a range of benefits, including healthcare, subsidies for housing and children’s education, and pension. We are committed to providing equal opportunities and to increasing diversity in the workplace.

IHEP is authorized to award PhD and Masters degrees in the fields of theoretical physics, particle and nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, optics, inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry, nuclear technology and applications, and computer applied technology. It is also authorized to award Masters degrees in the fields of computer technology, electronic and communication engineering, mechanical engineering and power engineering. All degrees are issued by the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

There has never been a better time to work or study at IHEP. For more information, please contact us: