Communicating the latest scientific discoveries is important, whether researchers are sharing their results with others in the same field, or explaining their work to the general public. The results of scientific research are usually published in academic journals, after a rigorous review process by fellow researchers. IHEP is a sponsoring institution for two international academic journals: Chinese Physics C and Radiation Detection Technology and Methods. IHEP also publishes a popular science magazine, Modern Physics.

Chinese Physics C

Chinese Physics C is an international journal covering theory, experiments and applications in particle physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics, cosmology, and accelerator physics.

It is published by Science Press; sponsored by the Chinese Physical Society; IHEP and the Institute of Modern Physics; CAS; and distributed internationally by IOP Publishing.

Modern Physics

Modern Physics is a Chinese-language popular science magazine, covering a broad range of topics at a level suitable for high school students and above.

It is published by Science Press; and sponsored by IHEP.

Radiation Detection Technology and Methods

Radiation Detection Technology and Methods is an international journal focusing on all aspects of radiation detection, including electronics, computer and control techniques, detection technology and methods, data processing and imaging.

It is published by Springer International Publishing; and sponsored by IHEP and the Chinese Nuclear Electronics and Detection Society.