Technology Transfer

Constructing large-scale science facilities and working across the boundaries between different fields naturally leads to the development of many new technologies. IHEP actively encourages the development of spin-off technologies which can benefit society. These have included PEMi and SPEMI scanners for breast imaging, micro SPECT/CT scanners and micro PET/CT scanners, electron accelerators for industrial radiation processing, medical accelerators, accelerator-based ray sources, three-dimensional microscope CT scanners, high energy industrial CT scanners, superconducting magnetic separation devices, and gamma ray imaging devices.

Over the past 20 years of international collaboration, IHEP has produced over 3000 magnets of different kinds, nearly 2,000 microwave components and 200 hundred accelerating tubes and energy doublers. Participating in the construction of many international high energy physics facilities, IHEP has established cooperative partnerships with the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Brazil and many European countries, and gradually become an important international accelerator facility and components supplier.


Dedicated PET scanner for breast imaging, registered as Class-III Medical Equipment in China


Whole body PET scanner




The first domestically developed high-resolution industrial CT scanner for fossil scanning.


Products for nuclear safety checks: gamma ray imaging device, environmental radiation detector, alarm detector for personal radiation dose

动物PET 动物petct 荧光
PET scanner for animals PET/CT scanner for animals FMT-PET scanner
动物spect 灵长类

SPECT/CT scanner for animals

PET scanner for primates


韩国 10 kIPT

LINAC system at Pohang Light Source, Pohang University of Science and Technology

Industrial S-band radiation processing accelerator KIPT LINAC system for Argonne National Laboratory
6 磁铁
6 MeV accelerator ray source large-scale industrial CT scanner

Superconducting magnetic separation magnet