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Physics Journal Publications

Physics Journal published by BESIII Collaboration are listed below. This list is only updated every few weeks, so for a complete and up-to-date list, please consult INSPIRE or a similar literature database.

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No. Title arXiv Submitted ON Journal Status Year
507 Amplitude analysis and branching fraction measurement of the decay D+ -> KS0 pi+ pi0 pi0 2305.15879 2023-05-25 JHEP Submitted
506 Production of doubly-charged Delta baryon in e+e- annihilation at energies from 2.3094 to 2.6464 GeV 2305.12166 2023-05-20 PRD Submitted
505 Study of psi(3770) to gamma eta eta', gamma pi+ pi- Jpsi decays and search for the X(3872) spin partner 2305.11682 2023-05-19 PRD Submitted
504 Precise measurement of the e+e--->Ds*Ds* cross sections at center-of-mass energies from threshold to 4.95 GeV 2305.10789 2023-04-27 PRL Submitted
503 Precise Measurements of the Decay Parameters and CP Asymmetries with Entangled Xi0-Xi0bar Pairs 2305.09218 2023-04-27 PRL Submitted
502 Search for baryon- and lepton-number violating decays of Xi^{0} hyperons 2305.07231 2023-05-16 PRD Submitted
501 Searching for BNV and Lambda-bar Lambda oscillation in J/psi to p K- Lambda-bar+c.c 2305.04568 2023-05-08 PRL Submitted
500 Determination of the CP-even fraction of D0 -> KS0 pi+ pi- pi0 2305.03975 2023-05-06 PRD Submitted
499 Test of CP Symmetry in Hyperon to Neutron Decays 2304.14655 2023-04-28 PRL Submitted
498 First study of the reaction Xi0 + n -> Xi- + p at an electron-positron collider 2304.13921 2023-04-27 PRL Accepted 2023
497 First Experimental Study of the Purely Leptonic Decay Ds*+ -> e+ nu 2304.12159 2023-04-24 PRL Submitted
496 Measurement of BF for Lc+ -> Sigma+ h+ h- (pi0) 2304.09405 2023-04-19 JHEP Submitted
495 Cross section measurement of e+ e- to phi K Kbar between 3.77 and 4.60 GeV 2304.07783 2023-04-16 PRD Submitted
494 Study of f0(980) the through Ds+ -> pi+ pi- e+ nu the decay 2303.12927 2023-03-23 PRL Submitted
493 Updated measurement of the branching fraction of Ds+ -> tau+ nu_tau via tau+ -> pi+ anti-nu_tau 2303.12600 2023-03-23 PRD Submitted
492 Measurement of the branching fraction of D_s+ -> tau+ nu_tau using tau+ -> mu+ nu_mu anti-nu_tau 2303.12468 2023-03-23 JHEP Submitted
491 Study of the e+e- to pi+ pi- omega process at center-of-mass energies between 4.0 and 4.6 GeV 2303.09718 2023-03-17 JEHP Submitted
490 Measurement of the branching fraction for the decay psi(2S) -> phi KS0 KS0, 2303.08317 2023-03-15 PRD Submitted 2023
489 Measurement of the e+e- to Lamda Lamda-bar cross section from threshold to 3.00 GeV using events with initial-state radiation 2303.07629 2023-03-14 Phys. Rev. D 107, 072005 (2023) Published 2023
488 Determination of Spin-parity Quantum Numbers for the Narrow Structure Near the pLambda Threshold in e+ e- -> p K- anti-Lambda + c.c. 2303.01989 2023-03-06 PRL Submitted