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Offline Software

Offline Software Coordinator: Shengsen Sun .

The BESIII Offline Software System (BOSS) is developed on the operating system of Scientific Linux CERN (SLC), using C++ language and GAUDI framework. The software uses some external HEP libraries such as CERNLIB, CLHEP, ROOT, Geant4 etc. The CMT is used as the software configuration management tool. MYSQL is used as database server.

BOSS User Forum: HyperNews

The BESIII Offline Software System is developed by:
Institute of High Energy Physics
Peking University
Shandong University
University of Science and Technology of China
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Russia)

More information about Offline Software  can get from Offline Software Website .


Software subgroups conveners:

******* Performance Group
             Xiabin Ji (IHEP) and Weimin Song (JLU)

******* Data Quality Group
             Chengdong Fu (IHEP) and Cong Geng (SYSU )