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Physics at BESIII

       The analyses are organized in Physics Working Groups (PWG) which have their own web pages, documentations and sometimes common analysis codes. The whole community of the analyses meets at the Friday Meetings, for Collaboration Wide Talks or to discuss issues and problems of common interest.

        The Publication Board reviews the work of the analyses and ensures the appropriate quality of the publications. Their web page contains all the relevant instructions for the review process.


  ****  Fri. Physics/software Meeting

Time : Once per week according to the collaboration email announcement
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**** Physics Working groups: (updated: 17-03-23 )

(1) Charm physics
  Liaoyuan Dong (IHEP) & Alex Gilman (Oxford) & Baiqian Ke (ZZU)
(2) Charmonium decays
  Kai Zhu (IHEP)  & Yuping Guo(FuDan U.)& Nils Huesken
(3) Light hadron
  Shuangshi Fang (IHEP) & Nils Huesken (Indiana University/JGU Mainz) & Isabella Garzia (Ferrara)
(4) Tau&RQCD
  Jianyong Zhang (IHEP) & Xiaorong Zhou (USTC) & Riccardo Aliberti (Mainz)
(5) New Physics
  Minggang Zhao (NKU) &  Zhengyun You (SYSU) & Yu Zhang (USC)
(6) Baryon (subgroup of light hadron group)
  Andrzej  Kupsc (Uppsala U.) & Ronggang Ping (IHEP)