China is famous for its food, and Beijing is no exception. Below is a list of some dining places and restaurants on or near the IHEP campus. You can also look online for other places to go for good food, or for home delivery.


On Campus

1 IHEP Dining Hall

Opening hours: (06:30-08:30; 11:30-12:30; 17:00-18:30)

The IHEP Dining Hall provides three meals a day, Chinese food served cafeteria style. Payment is made using the IHEP dining card, which is issued to IHEP employees and longer term visitors. You need to top up the card with money beforehand, between 11:30 and 12:30 at the Dining Hall entrance.


2 IHEP Guest House – Expert Restaurant

Opening hours: (07:00-09:00; 11:00-14:00; 17:00-21:00)

The Expert Restaurant is attached to the IHEP Guest House. It is a standard Chinese restaurant where you can order a variety of dishes. It caters for most of the meals for international workshops held at IHEP.


3 UCAS Restaurant

On the UCAS campus (in front of the IHEP campus), next to the football pitch, there is a large student cafeteria. The cafeteria is not open to the public, but on the second floor of that building there is a restaurant where you can order dishes and pay by cash or card.


Off Campus

4 Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

Opening hours: Breakfast: 6:00---9.30 meals:11:00---22:00

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant is one of the best restaurants to try Peking Roast Duck. The chain has a history of nearly 150 years, and today has many branches around the city. There is a branch at the southeast corner of the crossroads at Yuquanlu, near the southeast entrance of Yuquanlu subway station, next to the China Construction Bank.


5 Mall at Wumei Supermarket

This shopping mall has a variety of restaurants, including KFC, Pizza Hut, Yoshinoya (Japanese fast food), Starbucks, Xibei (north-west China-style noodles), Shabu Shabu (Japanese style hotpot), Korean bibimbap, and others. There is also a large Wumei supermarket (which has some imported grocery items), and a Decathlon sports shop.

About 400 m due south of the Yuquanlu crossroads.


6 Weiduomei bakery

Weiduomei (also written “Wedome”) is a bakery chain with branches throughout Beijing. They have French-style baguettes, sliced bread, croissants, and a wide range of cakes and desserts.

About 200 m due south of the Yuquanlu crossroads, on the east side of the road.


7 McDonald’s

No introduction needed. About 200 m east of the Yuquanlu crossroads, next to Chaoshifa supermarket.


8 Other

There are various small restaurants in the vicinity, e.g. turn left (north) out of the IHEP main gate and walk a couple of blocks until you get to a row of eating places on the east side of the road, including Korean food, donkey meat, steamed buns and hotpot. For a wider variety of food, you can take the bus a few stops west to the Wanda mall. Explore, and be sure to ask friends at IHEP for recommendations, as the scene is always changing.