Academic Lecture: Does dark matter interact with dark energy?

Title: Does dark matter interact with dark energy?
Speaker: Dr. Jiajun Zhang (IBS, Korea)
Time: 2:30 pm, Thursday, Dec. 26th, 2019
Place: Room 319, IHEP Library Building
Abstract: In the standard cosmological model, LCDM model, dark matter and dark energy are the most abundant two components of the universe. However, we almost know nothing about the nature of these dark sectors. A natural question can be raised, do these two components have some interaction beyond gravity? After many years of effort, we can finally answer this question, making full use of all the current observations, which has never been done before. We conclude that the LCDM model is still favored by our analysis. We also disclose the possibility to look for smoking guns of dark matter dark energy interaction. In this talk, I will introduce how we model such interaction, how we do simulations and how we use weak lensing to test it. I will also introduce how to use the newly developed ME-Gadget code to perform non-standard cosmological model N-body simulations, such as modified gravity.