Academic Lecture: Neutrino Models


Title: Neutrino Models 
Speaker: Prof. Stephen F. King (University of Southampton) 
Time: 10:00 AM, Jul. 16th (Tuesday), 2019 
Place: R319, Theoretical Physics Division 

In this colloquium we discuss possible patterns of neutrino mass and mixing and model building strategies that can realise those patterns. Although the measurement of the reactor angle has killed tribimaximal lepton mixing, its descendants survive with charged lepton corrections, or in less constrained forms such as trimaximal mixing and/or mu-tau symmetry, each with characteristic predictions. We will show how such patterns may be enforced by a remnant of some non-Abelian discrete family symmetry, possibly together with a generalised CP symmetry. We discuss how such a symmetry could originate from continuous gauge symmetry and/or superstring theory in compactified extra dimensions, as a finite subgroup of the modular symmetry.