Academic Lecture: Modern Hadron Spectroscopy: Challenges and Opportunities


Title: Modern Hadron Spectroscopy: Challenges and Opportunities 
Speaker: Prof.Adam Szczpaniak(Indiana University) 
Moderator: Prof.Shen Xiaoyan
Time: 16:00, August 16 
Place: Room C305, IHEP Main Building
The talk will discuss the new, exciting opportunities to uncover the inner workings of strong interactions through precision studies of the hadron spectrum. Modern theoretical expectations and advances an analysis method will be discussed in light of the forthcoming precision data from BESIII, GlueX, LhCb and other facilities. 

About the speaker: 
Adam Szczepaniak received PhD from the University of Washington. He is a Professor of Physics at Indiana University, Director of the Joint Physics Analysis Center at the Jefferson Lab and a Fellow of the American Physical Society. He was a visiting scientist at University of Genoa, UNAM in Mexico, IST Lisbon/Portugal, INP Krakow/Poland, North Carolina State University, Florida State University. He serves as a liaison between theorists and experimentalists collaborating on hadron physics experiments.