Hunters of “Ghost Particles” (Chinese scientists at the forefront of the world -- physics research) Scientific discoveries are important to human progress, but the work behind every scientific discovery and achievement requires a huge investment of time and energy. Only those who persevere are likely to achieve great things.

Eunice Olsen , a foreign guest experiencer, visited The Institute of High Energy Physics in Beijing and met Wang Yifang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,as well as Cao Jun, Wen Liangjian of the institute. The goal is to find out how they are motivated to move forward in their “high-powered lives”. Dr. Wang has a strong passion and an unmatched drive to pursue science. Under his aegis, The Institute of High Energy Physics has attracted countless young physicists - the next generation of homegrown scientists who are growing up. They believe that science can provide truth and illuminate the darkness of the unknown. His discoveries and his spirit will influence not only the rest of science, but you and me.