The contour of BEPC is quite like a giant badminton racket. The 200 meters long injector can accelerate electron and positron beams to 1.1 to 1.4 GeV which are to be transported to the in jection point of the storage ring via the eastern and western transport lines. There are two interaction points separately on the north and south of the storage ring, but currently only on the interaction point on the south of the storage ring is the large detector, namely the Bejing Spectrometer, installed. 

  The Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory is flanking the east and west of the southern area of the storage ring. Seven beam lines are now extracted from the three synchrotron radiation front ends located at the outer flank of the storage ring. Nine experimental stations have been buite. Research in such fields as X-ray topography, X-fluorescence, EXAFS, diffuse scattering, small angle scattering, diffraction, photoemission spectroscopy, biology spectroscopy and lithography is being carried out.