World Science & Tech Devt. Forum: Organizers call for openness, trust and cooperation



More than 200 scientists from around the world including seven Nobel Prize winners are gathering at the World Science and Technology Development Forum in Beijing. The event is covering a wide range of topics, but the emphasis is on working together to tackle some of the world's most pressing problems. Xi Jia in Beijing with more.

Openness, trust, cooperation.

This is not only the slogan of the 3rd world science and technology development forum, but also what is needed in the world today according to forum organizers.

WAN GANG Vice Chairman of the CPPCC President of CAST "To meet the challenges that are the common destiny of all mankind, the global scientific community needs to actively create the spirit and concept of open science without borders, barriers or discrimination. To strengthen the exchange of scientific knowledge and technological innovation, to provide system-wide, high-quality solutions to effectively respond to the common concerns of people around the world through effective action with a high level of openness and cooperation."

Establishing open networks of science and technology, embracing diversity, and sharing research have been discussed at length during the forum.

Scientists says tackling issues such as the climate crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, food insecurity and other sustainable development goals means the world community needs to learn to work together.

WANG YIFANG Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) "The importance of international collaboration for scientists cannot be overstated. Everyone wants more collaboration, and every scientist knows that he cannot do it on his own, that he needs to be aware of the progress of science around the world, and that he needs to use the wisdom of scientists around the world to do his own research. Every scientist would like to collaborate with the scientists he feels are the best of help for him."

Wang says he believes scientists around the world would like to collaborate but are often prevented from doing so by political rivalries. However he says he believes greater cooperation is inevitable for progress to be made.

XI JIA Beijing "Scientists at the forum say that facing the pandemic has shown the significance in unifying together for betterment of the world. Obstacles such as politics can cause hiccups in a number of processes from time to time, but it can't stop the end goal. Xi Jia, CGTN, Beijing."