Third Asian School on Superconductivity & Cryogenics for Accelerators Held at IHEP


The Third Asian School on Superconductivity & Cryogenics for Accelerators was held by the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) from Dec. 10-16, 2018 in Beijing. 49 students from Asian universities and institutions joined in the six-day courses. Prof. Pan Weimin served as international advisory committee chair, Prof. Gao Jie as the chair of the local organizing committee, and Prof. Qin Qing gave the welcome speech to the students representing IHEP.

The courses consist of both theoretical knowledge on superconductivity and cryogenics for accelerators and hands-on training programs on SC cavities, SC magnets and cryogenics.  It is aimed for students to gain practical experiences and the capabilities to make possible contributions to future modern SC accelerators.

Among 20 lecturers, 5 were from foreign countries. Students were graded in the final exams and top ten students were honored with certificates.

Superconducting accelerator technologies including SC cavities, SC magnets and cryogenics find their ways of application in almost all modern accelerators both for high energy physics accelerators, such as International Linear Collider (ILC), CEPC and SppC, but also for applied accelerators, such as XFEL, ADS, and light sources, etc.

The enormous potential and actual demand for skillful experts on superconductivity & cryogenics for accelerators are the driving force for the constant support of this school. Launched by the Asian Committee for Future Accelerators (ACFA), the school was held by IHEP with financial supports from 11 enterprises members of CEPC Industrial Promotion Consortium (CIPC).

The school played an important role to lay the human resource foundation for the studies and constructions of large scientific projects, such as CEPC-SppC, ILC, synchrotron radiation light sources, Hard X-ray Free Electron Laser, and ADS.


Group photo (Image by IHEP)


Lecture (Image by IHEP)


Hands-on training (Image by IHEP)


Delivery of top-ten student certificate (Image by IHEP)

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