CSNS Holds First Science and Technology Committee Meeting


The Science and Technology Committee of the China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) held its first meeting on Nov. 27 in Dongguan. The role of the committee is to provide expert input on CSNS’s development. Twenty-six committee members, including nine CAS academicians, attended the meeting, which was chaired by Prof. Shen Baogen, committee chairman.

IHEP Director Wang Yifang gave a welcome speech, during which he conveyed appreciation for the experts’ support of CSNS. He also expressed hope that the experts would provide valuable suggestions on opening and upgrading the facility.

Prof. Chen Hesheng reported on the implementation of the project’s first phase, the facility’s operational status, as well as plans for phase two.

In addition, neutron spallation experts suggested that scientists reach the facility’s beam power design and build more instruments as soon as possible, as part of phase two. Committee members agreed such plans were reasonable and feasible.

Prof. Wang Sheng, Prof. Liang Tianjiao and Prof. Wang Fangwei delivered reports entitled “CSNS Accelerator Beam Power Upgrade,” “CSNS Target Power Upgrade,” and “CSNS Neutron Scattering Instrument Plan,” respectively.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Chen thanked the experts for their suggestions. He also stressed that CSNS will serve as a user facility and strive to meet national strategic needs.



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