First Workshop on EMuS and muSR Applications Held


The first workshop on experimental muon source (EMuS) and muon spin rotation (muSR) applications was held on December 13th, 2017, at CSNS, IHEP Dongguan Campus. 41 scientists from worldwide universities and institutions joined the workshop. This is the first workshop on muon science held in China.

“The construction of the CSNS project is complete, and it is expected that national acceptance will begin in early 2018 as scheduled. Now it is time to prepare for user development and the expansion of applications.” said Prof. Chen Hesheng , the CSNS project manager, in his welcome speech. “The application of muon sources is an important part of the CSNS platform. Spallation neutron sources abroad have very successful experiences in building and operating muon sources. So we hope to carry out further related collaboration with them.”

During the meeting, the invited talks by distinguished guests introduced the current status and future prospects of muon sources and muSR applications, and domestic speakers presented their experience in using muSR techniques. The CSNS muon source group introduced the design and key technology R&D efforts of the CSNS experimental muon source (EMuS). The participants showed their strong support to develop China-own muon source, and gave many constructive suggestions to the EMuS team, such as further optimizing the design scheme, organizing international reviews, and bringing domestic users to participate in discussions to better promote the EMuS construction and develop user group.

In addition to muSR applications based on positive muon beams, it was recommended, applications based on negative muons should also be included from the beginning; muon source should be the overall development plan of CSNS.



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