CEPC 650 MHz SRF Hardware Design Reviewed


A review meeting of the CEPC 650 MHz SRF hardware design was held at IHEP on July 7th. The meeting was organized by Tsinghua University, IHEP and Peking University. Experts of review are respectively from Peking University, Tsinghua University, IHEP and Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics. Prof. Kexin Liu was appointed as chair of the review.

Designs of 650 MHz 2-cell cavity, fundamental power coupler, HOM coupler and absorber for CEPC were introduced respectively during the review. After talk, experts discussed with lecturers broadly and thoroughly. Finally, experts agreed that the design was reasonable and achievable, key parameters met with the design requirements of CEPC. Further, related technological details would be more consummate and fabrication will begin soon.

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Mr.Guo Lijun

International Office