Sixth IHEP-INFN Annual Cooperative Meeting Held in Dongguan


The Sixth IHEP-INFN Annual Cooperative Meeting was held in Dongguan on May 5th.

A thirteen-person IHEP delegation headed by Prof. Yifang Wang and an eleven-person INFN delegation led by Prof. Fernando Ferroni attended the meeting. Prof. Yifang Wang, Director of IHEP opens the meeting with a warm welcome to the INFN delegation. Prof. Fernando Ferroni thanked IHEP delegates for the hospitality. Prof. Plinio Innocenzi, Italian Embassy Scientific Attaché, congratulated the two delegations on the productive long-term collaboration between the two organizations. 

Delegates from both parties delivered reports on status and progress of the on-going cooperative activities and possible future collaboration areas. Discussion was held on subjects including the BEPCII experiment, CEPC/SppC facility, the BESII experiment, the JUNO experiment, the LHAASO project, AMS experiment and the dark matter experiments DAMPE and HERD. The two parties also reviewed implementation of the current IHEP-INFN agreements and discussed possibilities of organizing joint events for training young researchers. A letter of Intent for the HERD collaboration was signed at the end of the meeting.

On May 4th, the Italian delegation visited CSNS facilities.

Contact Information

Mr. Guo Lijun

Head of International Office