IHEP Seminar for Strategic Planning held


The Institute of High Energy Physics held its 2017 Seminar for Strategic Planning from April 12th to 13th in Beijing. IHEP Directors, members of the IHEP Science Committee and leaders from the various research divisions and administrative departments attended the meeting.

The participants heard reports on the progress and planning of projects in the Institute’s various fields, discussed existing problems, and provided guidance and measures to promote the steady progress of the Institute.

Prof. Chen Hesheng, CAS Academician and chairman of the workshop, delivered an opening speech. He pointed out that in recent years, IHEP has developed excellent momentum, smooth progress has been made on different projects, and a series of significant results has been achieved.

Leading scientists from different departments reported on current research projects and experiments, including the BESIII experiment, BEPCII, neutrino physics, the CSNS project, photon accelerator technology, data analysis and physics research on space programs, eXTP & HERD, the LHAASO project, HEPS, multi-disciplinary studies, neutrino experiments, X-ray technology applications, CEPC, theoretical physics research, the “Ali” primordial gravitational waves project, and future particle physics computing.

As well as focusing on the scientific research, delegates also exchanged ideas on how to attract distinguished scientists and technicians to IHEP, and how to build high-level research teams.

Prof. WANG Yifang summarized, saying that we must ensure the construction of the on-going large scientific facilities and follow the strategic direction of the State, and that the best combination of different talents is needed to produce the highest efficiency.

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