Future high energy circular collider discussed


The International Workshop on Future High Energy Circular Colliders from December 16 to 17 in Beijing brought together over 120 physicists interested in high energy circular e+e- colliders as a Higgs factory and a future circular high energy pp collider beyond the Higgs factory.

During the workshop, scientists discussed the critical issues in accelerator technology, detector design and theory on the precision measurement of the Higgs and the physics with pp collision at 50-100 TeV.

Prof. Nima Arkani-Hamed, the winner of the 2012 Fundamental Physics Prize delivered a key-note speech on the workshop. He commented that the “dawn of a new era in fundamental physics” has come after the discovery of Higgs in 2012, and “big science and big machine is the obvious future and the lifeblood of the field.”

Proposed by the Chinese high energy community, the circular electron positron collider (CEPC) is a future collider facility which takes the role of a Higgs factory. The main physics objectives of the future high energy circular accelerator are precise measurement of Higgs properties as well as tagging possible new physics signal.

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