Birth of the Center for Future High Energy Physics


A grand plate-unveiling ceremony was held on December 17 to celebrate the founding of the Center for Future High Energy Physics, Institute of High Energy

Dr. WANG Yifang (right) and Prof. Nima Arkani-Hamed (left) unveil the plate (image by IHEP)
Physics (IHEP).

Dr. WANG Yifang, IHEP Director, Prof. CHEN Hesheng, CAS Academician, Prof. Nima Arkani-Hamed, director of the center and Prof. David Gross, the Nobel Laureate in Physics unveiled the plate.

Affiliated to the Division of Theoretical Physics at IHEP, the center will dedicate its effort to detailed studies on physics case and the design of a possible future colliders. The immediate focus would be a Higgs factory and a high energy proton collider, based on a circular tunnel.

The near term goal of the center is to present a conceptual design report. To facilitate this study, center will host an active visitor program, as well as occasional workshops on topics essential to the center's mission. Regular lecture series will be arranged and training schools will be scheduled to prepare students and junior researchers for the center.

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