2013 International Workshop on Future Linear Collider held


300 physicists from around the world including China's physicists gathered at the University of Tokyo from Nov. 11 to 15 to discuss the physics case for a high energy linear electron-positron collider at the 2013 International Workshop on Future Linear Collider.

During the intense five-day meeting, accelerator experts and detector developers reviewed progress of the designs of ILC and CLIC and their detectors, looked closely at the latest Higgs results from the LHC and discussed possible future scenarios for turning the linear collider into a real project with a host.

Gao Jie, chief scientist of the ILC group at IHEP reported the current progress of the ILC related research in China, Korea and India and expressed the wish from China’s high energy physics community to support the ILC Project.

On 12 June 2013, a five-volume report containing the blueprint for a future particle physics project, the International Linear Collider (ILC), was published. The Technical Design Report presents the latest, most technologically advanced and most thoroughly scrutinised design for the ILC.

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