Qian Sanqiang Class launched


The Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) and the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) held an opening ceremony to mark the official launch of the Qiang Sanqiang Class on Nov. 12.

Combined with the teaching and research advantages from UCAS and IHEP, the class aims at fostering more talents for scientific research in the future.

“We set up the class to disseminate the spirits of Prof. Qian Sanqiang and Prof.He Zehui to more students, to attract more young people to fell in love with scientific research, to foster excellent talents in the related fields. ”, Prof. WANG Huanyu, Deputy Director of IHEP said in the ceremony.

Qian was one of the founders of the domestic nuclear industry. He made indelible contribution to China's development of atom and hydrogen bombs and its high-energy physics and had thus been honored as "Father of China's Atom Bomb". Because of Qian's contribution in physics, the French President signed a paper in 1985 to award him with military honor.

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