Long distance experiment mode realized at BSRF


The 4B8-vacuum ultraviolet beamline at BSRF realized the long-range control for fluorescence spectrum experiment


 Remote users geological map at BSRF(Image by IHEP)

during the second run of BSRF from September 22 to November 4, in 2013.

Prof. G. Korpe from Shri Shivaji University in India conducted his experiment at BSRF while he stayed at home and mailed the samples beforehand. There were altogether 298 experiments ranging from condensed matter physics and life science to environment and archaeology being conducted during the run.

During this run, fourteen beamlines and experimental stations with the Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility (BSRF) opened to users. The effective beam time for the users reached 914.56 hours, compared to 801.47 hours in the last run. 109 users including 29 CAS institutions, 63 universities and 17 scientific institutes carried out experiments at the facility.

4B8 is a vacuum ultraviolet beamline and locates at IV quadrant of BEPC and 12# experimental hall. This beamline runs not only in the dedicated mode of synchrotron radiation but also in the coupling mode.

This run provided not only experimental conditions for basic and applied research, but also important statistics to some of the experiments.

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