YANG Changgen awarded Wang Ganchang Physics Award


Chinese Physical Society has awarded the 2012-2013 Wang Ganchang Physics Award to Prof. YANG Changgen


 Prof.YANG Changgen

from the Institute of High Energy Physics on its annual autumn academic meeting in Xiamen. The award recognized YANG “for his outstanding contribution to Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment”

Daya Bay Experiment first made the precise measurement of neutrino mixing angle theta13, confirmed a new neutrino oscillation mode. This is one of the most important results in particle physics in recent years.

As one of the proposers and associate manager of the Daya Bay experiment, YANG made great contributions in the initial conceptual design of the engineering design. YANG was in charge of the initial prototype works of neutrino detector and water Cerenkov detector to verify the detector design and prove the detector performance. YANG made innovative contributions to the water Cerenkov detector design, background shielding, high light reflection film, ultrapure water processing and water sealing system. As one of the local installment manager and leading person for veto system, YANG realized the installation of the stable and high quality detectors. These work ensure the physical data quality and earlier data taking realization.

In 2000, the Chinese Physical Society established five prizes in recognition of five pioneers of modern physics in China. The Wang Ganchang Prize is awarded to physicists in particle physics and inertial confinement fusion.

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