Danish guests visit IHEP


On September 17, Danish guests from Aarhus University in Denmark, headed by Prof. Soren Baarsgaard Hansen visited the Institute of High Energy Physics and discussed the scientific progress on nuclear medical imaging techniques with IHEP scientists.

Prof. LIU Yu from the Nuclear Technology Application Center, IHEP, extended his warm welcome to the foreign guests and introduced the current nuclear medical imaging activities at IHEP, which included breast dedicated PET, animal dedicated PET-CT, SPECT-CT and PET-MRI. Both sides had extended discussions about the detector technology, data processing and post-graduate training in the field of nuclear medical imaging.

After the meeting, the Danish guests toured the laboratories of detector techniques, molecular probe and software engineering. Prof. Soren spoke highly of IHEP’s progress on nuclear medical imaging research and extended his wishes to have more cooperation on the nuclear medical imaging and students training with IHEP.

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