Progress made on the prefabrication of ADS elliptical super-conducting cavity


On September 17th, Scientists and technicians from IHEP and Beijing Institute of Aeronautical


 the ADS Ellip082 SC cavities

Materials accomplished the whole-cavity welding task for the two Ellip082 SC cavities (650MHz, beta=0.82, 5-cell).

The successful welding of these two SC cavities lays a good foundation for future development of ADS accelerator cavities at high energy beam test stand, and is an important progress on the prefabrication of elliptical super-conducting cavity (Ellip082), a critical part of the proton linear accelerator for ADS Project.

The pre-acceptance test of the centrifugal barrel polishing (CBP) machine for Ellip082 SC cavity was also carried out the same day. The machine is designed for the centrifugal barrel polishing of the inner surface of Ellip082 SC cavity. CBP is a key technique for inner surface processing, through which SC cavities can reach high accelerating gradient. The successful development of this CBP machine has provided reliable support for the surface processing of ADS super-conducting cavities and for its further research.

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