Two ADS spoke012 superconducting cavity prototypes fabricated


Scientists from the Institute of High Energy Physics announced on Nov.22 that two Spoke012 superconducting cavity prototypes for ADS proton

 two Spoke012 superconducting cavity prototypes
linac were successfully fabricated. As one of the important parameters for spoke cavities, the β value of Spoke012 reaches 0.12, which is not easy and is the lowest ever developed.

After finishing the technical design and review of the Spoke012 cavity prototype in 2011, scientists from IHEP, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) and Peking University have developed two cavity prototypes in 2012. The optical test at room temperature and leak test in vacuum prove that the two cavity prototypes meet with the designed specifications. The leak rate of the cavity is less than 1*10-10 mbar.l/s, and the average error of the resonant frequency is lower than 1MHz.

As one of the strategic priority research projects under CAS Innovation 2020 Program, the Accelerator Driven Sub-critical System (ADS) Project aims to separate and transmute irradiated nuclear fuel.

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