Topical Symposium on Neutrino Physics and Beyond


From September 23 to 26, over 130 physicists from 13 countries and regions gathered in Shenzhen to discuss the latest progress of neutrino 

 a tour to the Daya Bay site(image: Tiejun Deng/ IHEP)
 physics studies and its future development, which is one of the hottest topics in the field.

At the symposium, 46 reports were delivered, covering various neutrino topics, and double beta decays and cosmic ray physics.

On March 8th, the Daya Bay Collaboration announced the discovery of a new kind of neutrino transformation. The result shows that the neutrino mixing angle θ13 is significantly larger than what is anticipated by most of us.

The symposium was organized at a location very close to Daya Bay, in part to celebrate the results that have been achieved. This is a critical time for further development of neutrino studies, plans for the future of neutrino physics were much discussed at the symposium, particularly measurement of the leptonic CP phase and the neutrino mass hierarchy.

A tour to the Daya Bay site was arranged on the afternoon of September 24, during which participants visited the experimental hall, assembling room and clean room, etc.

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