The welcoming season


These days are the best season of a year in Beijing! The sun is shining high over the blue sky, green leaves that are reflected through the sunshine dance to

 Human resources staff hand out materials to newcomers
the tune of the cool winds. As we wave goodbye to the hot August, we are starting to embrace warm and comfortable September!

Students are packing their books and getting ready for the new semester. In this beautiful season, over 120 talented young people join the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), where they are going to exert themselves in learning more wisdom and new knowledge.

To welcome the newcomers and familiarize them with the new environment, the IHEP Human Resources planned detailed orientation process and provided them with essential information about IHEP. In order to make the orientation more comprehensive, experts were invited to give talks on IHEP history, talent training plan, radiation safety, protection of intellectual property and professional ethics and behaviors, etc.

Prof. WANG Huanyu, IHEP’s Deputy Director, commented, “IHEP is an institute of long history. During recent years, IHEP starts to undertake more and more scientific projects, we are in urgent need of talented young people. With your involvement, IHEP will definitely speed up its developing steps, and we are looking forward to producing more scientific achievements in the future. ”

ZHENG Wenli, the head of IHEP Human Resource Division introduced: “This year, about 94% of the new employees have a master or doctor’s degree, some of them come from China’s top universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University.”

In China, there is an old saying: a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. We sincerely wish these young people enjoy their days at IHEP and create a new world of their own.

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