First run of BSRF concluded in 2012


Thirteen beamlines and relevant experimental stations with the Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility (BSRF) opened to users from June 21 to July 27, in 

 First users at 4B9B Photoemission Spectroscopy beamline

During the dedicated running time, the effective beam time for the users reached 785.97 hours, an increase of 129 hours compared to 656.71 hours in 2011. The upgraded 4B9B Photoemission Spectroscopy beamline passed the acceptance test and started trial run.

93 users including two coming from foreign institutions carried out experiments at the facility. There were altogether 251 experiments ranging from condensed matter physics and life science to environment and archaeology being conducted during the run. This run provided not only the experimental conditions for basic and applied research, but also important statistics to some scientific experiments.

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