CSNS neutron beamline shutter system prototype pre-reviewed


Scientists of the China Spallation Neutron System (CSNS) Project recently developed a prototype for the CSNS neutron beamline shutter system. On July 31, the prototype was pre-reviewed and 

 shutter system prototype in the field
 successfully passed the pre-acceptance test in Nanjing.

As one of key equipments at the CSNS target station, the neutron beamline shutter has a total of 20 sets of shutter equipments. Each shutter corresponds to a single instrument independently and controls the “open” or “close” of each neutron beamline by moving downward or upward with a vertical stroke of 300mm respectively. It is closely related to the effective utilization rate of the neutron beam for different instruments and personnel radiation safety at the experimental hall.

The shutter system prototype mainly consists of the following parts: hydraulic system, mechanical self-locking supporting mechanism, shutter gate, floating structure of shutter insert with neutron guide, top shielding blocks, DVTS (Design Validation Test Stand), vacuum system, control systems and monitoring system, etc.

The prototype is about 4 meters long and wide, 7 meters high and weighs over 30 tons in total. It is jointly developed by scientists and technicians from the CSNS Project, Zhejiang University ang the Nanjing Chenguang Group Co.,Ltd (NCGC), a subordinate to the China Aerospace Science and Industry corporation.

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