Last two detectors at Daya Bay Experiment to take data in October


The Daya Bay collaboration announced on July 20 that its scientists and engineers will complete the installation of the last two detectors for the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment before September 29. This means that all the eight detectors of this experiment are able to take data together in October.

Till now, six installed detectors have been running for eleven months and have greatly contributed to the first round experiment. Starting from July 28, maintenance and commissioning will last for two months, during which the two new detectors will also be installed.

The news came from the 21st Collaboration Meeting held in Shanghai Jiaotong University from July 15 to 20. The meeting lasted 6 days with 2 days of plenary and 4 days of parallel sessions. At the meeting, issues concerning software data analysis, Muon detector, automatic and manual scale system, on-site operation and maintenance were discussed. The installation scheme for the last two detectors and the summer maintenance plans were discussed and fixed.

This Collaboration meeting attracted over 136 scientists and engineers from both domestic and international collaborating institutions.

the meeting hall

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