2022 ANSO Visiting Fellowship on Mega-science Facilities

1. Introduction  
The Alliance of International Science Organizations (ANSO) aims to improve regional and global capacity in science and technology, to improve human livelihoods and wellbeing, and to promote broader S&T cooperation and communication in the world. In line with these objectives, ANSO set up its visiting fellowship program (hereafter referred to as the Fellowship). The Fellowship provides scholars worldwide an opportunity to access high-impact & high-quality mega-science facilities in China and to address scientific problems of common interests for both the academia and the society.
ANSO will provide competitive stipend for the Fellows.

2. Types and Eligibility of the Fellowship  
The Fellowship welcomes applications from both early-career scientists and senior scientists who are willing to spend months of working on site of the mega-science facilities. They are expected to conduct research in collaboration with CAS researchers.
1) Visiting Fellowship for Early-Career Scientists
This category is open to researchers at an early stage of their career. They could be post-doctoral fellows, lecturers, or assistant professors who wish to conduct relevant research on CAS mega-science facilities for 3-9 months. Applications by researchers outside the academia may also be considered, but normally applicants should hold at least a PhD degree in related areas or have equivalent professional experience.
Approximate funding level: RMB 20,000/month
2) Visiting Fellowship for Senior Scientists
This category is open to scholars with richer experience in the related fields. They could be associate professors, professors, or professionals at comparable level in related fields who wish to conduct relevant research on CAS mega-science facilities for 2-3 months.
Approximate funding level: RMB 30,000/month for associate professors or comparable-level professionals; RMB 40,000/month for professors or comparable-level professionals.

3. Application Procedures
The ANSO Fellowship 2022 is open for application now. The deadline for this year is 15 August 2022, 5pm GMT+8:00.  
3.1 Required materials
Your application should include the following:
1) Application form (download Attachment 1)
Fill out the Application Form for ANSO Visiting Fellowship, making sure that all requested information is provided.
2) Cover letter
A short letter outlining the rationale for why you wish to spend time at the mega-science facility. This should include information about your planned research program, the benefits the fellowship will bring to your on-going research.
3) Brief Research Proposal (download Attachment 2)
The research proposal should specify clearly the research question of the proposed research and give details about the analytical framework, literature and methodological approach to be followed. It should also explain how the proposed research relates to the applicant's past research and publications and should normally not exceed 5 pages.
4) Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
5) Recommendation Letter

Two letters are required, which should be sent by referrers. 
3.2 Selection Criteria
1) Contribution to ANSO's goals of:
  • Improving the research capacity on specific topics
  • Enhance the academic collaborations with scholars and institutions worldwide
  • Strengthening the scale, profile and impact of ANSO research
  • Training the young talents with outstanding capabilities and potentials
2) Potential to significantly enhance sustainable academic collaborations aligned with these goals
3) Future devotions to the development of mega-science facilities.
4) Capacity of catalyzing additional relations and collaborations with international organizations and top-level instates.
3.3 Step-by-step Application Guideline
1) Prepare all materials listed in 3.1;
2) Submit your application package to the contact person for review.
3) Final decisions will be made after reviewing and balancing of region, gender and research fields. The Fellow list will be released on ANSO's official website.
Note: Applicants who won sponsorship from PIFI program are not eligible for the ANSO Fellowship of the same year.

4. Facility Information and IHEP Collaborator Information 
Please contact IHEP Collaborator directly to discuss possible research proposals. With IHEP collaborator's consent to the application, please send your application material package to Ms. LI Yin (liyin@ihep.ac.cn) before 15 August 2022.