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BESIII Collaboration Workshop on Data Quality and Software Held

2020-04-03 Author:
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The Beijing Spectrometer III(BESIII) international collaboration held a dedicated online workshop on data quality and software from March 25-27, 2020. The workshop was organized by the physics coordinator of BESIII, Prof. Liu Beijiang and the software coordinator, Prof. Sun Shengsen, with participants from IHEP, UCAS, PKU, USTC, and overseas institutes in Italy, Sweden, etc. Prof. Yuan Changzheng, the BESIII spokesperson, made a summary report of this workshop.

Since BEPCII finished the upgrades of beam energy and “top-up” injection in 2019 summer, this was the first operation period of BESIII. The status of accelerator, detector, data taking and data quality check were thoroughly discussed on the workshop. Preliminary results of the analyses on new data sets were presented as well. BESIII has accumulated 2100 pb-1 data at center-of-mass energy 4.62-4.70 GeV. The data taking plan of 2020 was expected to be achieved in advance. Offline data processing and software upgrade were carried on smoothly. Validation results show good quality of the new data sets taken with “top-up” injection mode. The data taking plan has been optimized based on the prompt analyses.

In the meanwhile, BESIII made continuous progress of physics analysis. Up to now, over 11 papers from BESIII have been published or accepted by journals in 2020.