BESIII Control Room

The 32nd ICRC Meeting in Beijing in 2011

IHEP and STFC Scientists Join Forces on High Precision Silicon Detector Module Development

Higgs Factory 2014 meeting in Beijing

Stefania Giannini, Italian Minister of Education, Universities and Research, visiting IHEP in 2015

Participants of the 37th Meeting of the PRC-US Joint Committee on High Energy Physics

IHEP group members installing the trigger system of the L3+C detector at CERN

The Chinese scientists working on the CMS installation site in 2007

Collaboration is vital for any scientific endeavour, and no more so than in high energy physics. IHEP has built strong ties with the worldwide particle physics community over the last thirty years, and looks forward to deepening and broadening these ties as we go into the future.

IHEP has official co-operative agreements or memoranda of understanding with about 20 institutions from 13 countries in Asia, Europe and North America. One of the most important is the US-PRC Joint Committee on High Energy Physics, a long-running collaboration of over 30 years which has focused on major projects such as BEPC and BEPCII, the BES collaboration and the Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment.

A number of international experiment collaborations are hosted at IHEP. These include BESIII, Daya Bay, JUNO, LHAASO, ARGO-YBJ, ASgamma, and the recently established CEPC collaboration. The largest of these, BESIII and JUNO, each have more than 400 collaborators from over 60 institutions worldwide. IHEP also participates in other international collaborations, including ATLAS, CMS, ILC, BELLE II, AMS and PANDA.

IHEP is also a regular host for international conferences and workshops. A list of recent and upcoming conferences can be found below. 

International partnerships are essential for IHEP to fulfill its mission. We are eager to see more such partnerships in fundamental research, in provision of user facilities, and in education and training, as we work together in the global endeavour that is high energy physics.