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New progress was made from China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) construction. On May 5, the helium container of the CSNS target was installed. This is an important milestone for the CSNS equipment installation, marking the beginning of the installation of the target.

The container weighs 68 tons with a height of 7.8 meters. It is composed of the container itself, TMR system interface, outer reflection modules, water cooling pipelines and so on. It was only after very careful preparations in advance, could it be successfully lifted and put into a 9.6m diameter sealed chamber. 

The container will provide helium to the CSNS reaction zones, reducing the production of radioactive gas and preventing the leakage of radioactive gas and activated cooling medium.

The container was designed by the CSNS team and fabricated by the Nan Jing Chen Guang Group affiliated to the Aerospace Science & Industry Group.

CSNS Helium Container Installed (image by IHEP)

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