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  Upcoming Events
【10.31】Academic Lecture: Neutrino Masses and Conformal Electro-Weak Symmetry Breaking [2014-10-23]
【10.23】Academic Lecture: xtra Dimensions and the Hierarchies of Particle Physics [2014-10-20]
【10.27】Academic Lecture: New physics searches at CMS [2014-10-20]
【10.15】Academic Lecture: First Results from the PandaX-I Experiment [2014-10-11]
【10.14】Academic Lecture: Electromagnetic properties of neutrinos: a window to new physics [2014-09-25]
【10.10】Academic lecture: Higgs-flavon mixing and LHC phenomenology in a simplified model of broken flavor symmetry [2014-09-25]
【10.9】Academic Lecture: Some researches on Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton system [2014-10-11]
【9.26】Academic Lectures: European Spallation Source--Construction Update& Technical Design Choices [2014-09-25]
【9.25】Academic Lecture: 4D N=4 Super-Yang-Mills on conic space as hologram of 5D STU topological black holes [2014-09-25]
【9.5】Academic Lecture: INSPIRE: your information platform in HEP [2014-09-02]
【9.4】Academic Lecture: Fermionic Triangulation and Integrability of FQHEs [2014-09-02]
【9.2】Academic Lecture: Chiral three nucleon forces [2014-09-02]
【8.25】Academic Lecture: Atomic dark matter: direct detection, self-interaction and the 3.5 keV X-ray excess [2014-08-25]
【8.18】Academic Lecture: Vertex operators, C3 curves and the topological vertex [2014-08-07]
【8.8】Academic lecture: Beyond the Higgs Boson: Further questions and expectations for the Large Hadron Collider [2014-08-07]
【7.25】Academic Lecture: Mercury Cycling in Florida Everglades [2014-07-23]
【7.17】Academic Lecture:Inflation, reheating and gravitational waves [2014-07-09]
【7.14】Academic Lecture:Vector meson contributions to rare kaon decays [2014-06-27]
The 55th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High Luminosity Circular e+e- Colliders – Higgs Factory (HF2014) [2014-05-30]
11th ICFA Seminar on Future Perspectives in High Energy Physics [2014-03-03]
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