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  Upcoming Events
【8.12】Academic Lecture: Introduction to Loop Qauntum Gravity [2016-08-11]
【8.17】Academic Lecture: Lee Model Confronting New Higgs Measurement [2016-08-11]
【8.8】Academic Lecture: Discrete Flavour and Charge-Parity Symmetries: Applications to Lepton and Higgs Physics [2016-08-11]
【8.9】Academic Lecture: X-ray Microscopy and its Applications to the Puzzle Pieces of Our Energy Outlook [2016-08-11]
【7.25】Academic Lecture: The Leptonic Dirac CP Phase from Residual Symmetry and Muon Decay at Rest Experiment [2016-07-12]
【7.18】Academic Lecture: A Multi-Phase Transport Model: Recent Results and Future Directions [2016-07-01]
【7.14】Academic Lecture: Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopy Facility at the Canadian Light Source and Recent Developments [2016-07-01]
【7.12】Academic Lecture: Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering from correlated electron systems and unconventional High-Tc Superconductors [2016-06-25]
【7.11】Academic Lecture: A New Unified Theory of Electromagnetic and Gravitational Interactions [2016-07-12]
【6.28】Academic Lecture: Toward HPC/Big Data convergence: the YML+Hadoop 2.x opportunity [2016-06-26]
【6.23】Academic Lecture: Tetra and pentaquarks in the constituent quark model [2016-06-22]
【6.22】Academic Lecture: 2 dimensional QCD in large N limit [2016-07-12]
【6.20】Academic Lecture:Black holes, Regular Made by General Relativity [2016-06-23]
【6.6】Academic Lecture: Looking Beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics with the CMS Detector [2016-05-18]
【5.26】Academic Lecture: Integrated Readout electronics for SiPM based PET [2016-05-12]
【5.26】Academic Lecture: Dark matter, where are you hiding (from particle physicists)? [2016-05-11]
【5.11】Academic Lecture: Analysis of Two-body Charmed B Meson Decays in Factorization-AssistedTopological-Amplitude Approach [2016-04-25]
【5.24】Academic Lecture:The storage ring proton electric dipole moment (EDM) method promising the most sensitive hadronic EDM experiment [2016-05-04]
【5.23】Academic Lecture:The axion dark matter search at CAPP: a comprehensive approach [2016-05-05]
【4.28】Academic Lecture:Off-diagonal Bethe ansatz for exactly solvable models [2016-04-13]
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