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  Upcoming Events
11th ICFA Seminar on Future Perspectives in High Energy Physics [2014-03-03]
【4.18】Academic Lecture: Some recent developments of higher-spin holography [2014-04-17]
【4.18】Academic Lecture: Electroweak Effective Operators and Higgs Physics [2014-04-17]
【4.29】Academic Lecture:Holographic QCD and conformal quantum mechanics [2014-04-15]
【4.15】Academic Lecture: Polarized positron production for future high energy e+e- linear colliders [2014-04-11]
【4.11】Academic Lecture: Beam-beam resonances for different collision schemes [2014-04-10]
【4.11】Academic Lecture: Overview of SuperKEKB, issues and commissioning plan [2014-04-10]
【4.9】Academic Lecture: Spin and Long-Range Forces: The Unfinished Tale of the Last Massless Particle [2014-04-08]
【4.21】Academic Lectures: Precision Higgs and flavor physics as probes of an extra dimension & Precision Higgs and flavor physics as probes of an extra dimension [2014-04-08]
【3.28】Academic Lecture: Searching for the QCD critical point from two directions [2014-03-21]
【3.24】Academic Lecture: Time-like pion form factor in lattice QCD [2014-03-21]
【3.21】Academic Lecture: Hunting for CP violation in electric dipole moments of baryons and light nuclei [2014-03-10]
【3.21】Academic lecture: Finite-volume Hamiltonian method for coupled channel interactions in lattice QCD [2014-03-10]
【3.10】Academic Lecture: Renormalizable extension of the color sector: constraints and collider phenomenology [2014-03-10]
【3.6】Academic Lectures: Leptonic CP Violation in Neutrino Oscillations & A speculation on the nature of black hole horizon [2014-03-03]
【2.26】 Academic Lecture: Spectator mechanism and CMB power asymmetry [2014-02-24]
【2.26】Academic Lecture: The Origin of Mass and the Discovery of the Higgs Boson [2014-02-17]
【2.27】Academic Lecture: Superymmetric scenarios after the Higgs boson discovery [2014-02-17]
【2.20】 Academic Lecture: Black Holes and Neutron Stars in our Galaxy as Laboratories for Strong Gravity [2014-02-13]
27th Linear Accelerator Conference, LINAC14 [2014-02-07]
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