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  Upcoming Events
【1.6】AcademicLecture: Muon cooling: the Higgs factory of the future? [2016-01-04]
【1.7】Academic Lectures: Seminars on Diphoton [2016-01-04]
【1.5】Academic Lecture: Fermionic phase transition induced by an effective impurity in holography [2016-01-04]
【12.25】Academic Lecture: Pion structure from Sum Rules [2016-12-15]
【12.17】Academic Lecture: Implications of a di-photon resonance at 750 GeV [2016-12-08]
【12.17】Academic Lecture: CUORE-0, CUORE and Future Opportunity for a 0vbb Detector in China [2016-12-02]
【12.17】Academic Lecture: First Results from NOvA [2016-12-10]
【12.2】Academic Lecture: Neutrino Oscillations and the path to neutrino CP violation [2015-11-30]
【11.18】Academic Lecture: On-shell methods and N=4 spin chain [2015-11-14]
【11.18】Academic Lecture: Scattering amplitudes from scattering equations [2015-11-14]
【10.28】Academic Lecture: Some Recent Progresses in Charmonium Production and Polarization in pp and pA Collisions [2015-10-24]
【10.28】Academic Lecture: Higgs study at the LHC with the ATLAS detector [2015-09-24]
【10.14】Academic Lecture: The Latest Results from AMS on the International Space Station [2015-09-24]
【9.29】Academic Lecture: Axions and the Weak Gravity Conjecture [2015-09-24]
【9.23】Academic Lecture: Thermal noise and Gubser flow [2015-09-14]
【9.21】Academic Lecture: NNLO Phenomenology at LHC [2015-09-14]
【9.25】Academic Lecture: Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors [2015-09-14]
【9.22】Academic Lecture: The present status of the"proton radius puzzle" [2015-09-10]
【9.15】Academic Lecture: Recent Results on neutrinoless double beta decay [2015-08-24]
【9.16】Academic Lecture: X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Oscillator (XFELO): The Concept and Recent R&D Advances [2015-08-24]
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