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  Upcoming Events
【4.30】Academic Lecture: Possible Future Circular Colliders [2015-04-22]
【4.27】Academic Lecture: ILC Physics Capabilities and CEPC/ILC Complementarity [2015-04-22]
【4.24】Academic lecture: Questions and Answers about the Physical Review Journals [2015-04-22]
【4.16】Academic Lecture: Flavor Portal Dark Matter: Collider Searches at the LHC and Gamma Ray Signature at the Fermi-LAT [2015-04-13]
【4.15】Academic Lecture: Phase diagram of the strongly interacting matter with linear sigma model [2015-04-13]
【3.25】Academic Lecture: A new regularization of loop integral and a new look on the hierarchy problem [2015-03-18]
【3.10】Academic Lecture: Introduction to the Vorton theory of David Fryberger and how this leads to New Physics [2015-03-06]
【2.12】Academic Lecture: Baryons in Sakai-Sugimoto model in D0-D4 background [2015-02-11]
【2.12】Academic Lecture: High Field Superconducting Magnets for Future Colliders [2015-02-03]
The 3rd Beijing - Chicago Workshop [2015-01-04]
Science journalism: 35 fellowships for the Erice International School of Science Journalism and Communication [2015-01-16]
【1.8】Academic Lecture: Cluster algebras from dualities of 2d N=(2,2) quiver gauge theories [2015-01-06]
【12.30】Academic Lecture: Precision Higgs physics: why and how [2014-12-23]
【12.23】Academic Lecture: First Data from DM-Ice17 [2014-12-12]
【12.26】Academic Lecture: Higgs couplings and width: Theory perspectives [2014-12-12]
【12.18】Design of a Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment at BNL [2014-12-09]
【12.10】Academic Lecture: Is “Reactor Neutrino Anomaly” a signature of Sterile Neutrinos? [2014-12-08]
【12.4】Academic Lecture: Spatially covariant gravity and unifying framework for scalar-tensor theories [2014-11-21]
【11.24】 Academic Lecture: 6D (1, 0) SCFT and 5D SYM [2014-11-21]
【11.5】Academic Lecture: The semiholographic approach to non-Fermi liquids [2014-11-01]
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