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Cryogenic Vertical Test Platform for Superconducting Quadrupole Magnet Developed [2016-06-30]
ADS Injector I Proton Beam Reaches 10MeV at 10mA [2016-06-24]
BESIII Collaboration 2016 Summer Meeting Held in Wuhan [2016-06-24]
China's First Pulsed Neutron Source [2016-06-23]
WEN Liangjian Wins IUPAP Young Scientist Award [2016-06-23]
  Upcoming Events
【5.26】Academic Lecture: Integrated Readout electronics for SiPM based PET [2016-05-12]
【5.26】Academic Lecture: Dark matter, where are you hiding (from particle physicists)? [2016-05-11]
【5.11】Academic Lecture: Analysis of Two-body Charmed B Meson Decays in Factorization-AssistedTopological-Amplitude Approach [2016-04-25]
【5.24】Academic Lecture:The storage ring proton electric dipole moment (EDM) method promising the most sensitive hadronic EDM experiment [2016-05-04]
【5.23】Academic Lecture:The axion dark matter search at CAPP: a comprehensive approach [2016-05-05]
  Reports from Overseas
Chinese scientists hunt universe's strangest particles [2016-05-27]
The Particle Hunt--China's Science Revolution [2016-05-27]
China to support basic research through new sci-tech plans [2016-02-25]
Renowned Chinese physicist dies [2016-02-23]
Breakthrough Awards glitz up science's deepest digging [2015-11-12]
  Image Bank
Birdview [2009-07-08]
BEPCII [2009-07-15]
BESIII [2009-07-08]
BSRF [2009-07-08]
Yangbajing [2009-07-15]
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