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Date: 2021-04-02 Author:

1. Experimental report


The experimental report must be submitted within three months after the completion of the experiment. Reports should record the outcome of the experiment and do not necessarily need to contain the final conclusions or data analysis.

The report will not be open to public, but may serve as a supporting material for evaluating your future beamtime application.

2. Submitting your report

The completed experimental report should be submitted in PDF format via the online system. If you fail to use this system, you can send the full report to us at csnsuseroffice@ihep.ac.cn.

Please include the experiment EX number in the document name so that it can be easily identified. We will respond to your email within 2 working days.

In the experimental report, you can suggest any improvement or development at CSNS.

3. Publishing your research

When publishing results from your experiments, we appreciate if you can include your CSNS Experiment Contact as a co-author, regarding his/her efforts in assisting you in doing your experiment.


If you do not plan to include your Experiment Contact as a co-author of your publication, please let us know before your experiment.

4. User Satisfaction Survey

Your comments and suggestions on our services are crucial to CSNS. You can suggest any improvement or development in the end of your experimental report. You can also give your suggestions by completing the User Satisfaction Survey Form. All these comments that users make on CSNS performance are very important for us to improve our service.