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Date: 2021-04-01 Author:

1. What to do after arrival?

1.1 Check in at the user office.
1.2 Attend a safety training at the office of radiation protection and safety.
1.3 Go back to the user office and get the CSNS card, provided that you have passed the safety test.


Working hours to arrive at CSNS
09:30-16:30 from Monday to Friday


2. Laboratory support


2.1 Contact the user office
The CSNS user office is responsible for assisting all users in doing their experiments. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will do our best to help. The user office is located at Room 214, Block A2 of CSNS.


Tel: 0769-38944014
Email: csnsuseroffice@ihep.ac.cn


2.2 Sample environment
CSNS fulfills users’ different needs for sample environment through a wide range of advanced equipment. If you have any questions about the sample environment, please send your request to csnsuseroffice@ihep.ac.cn.


2.3 Accommodation
Please log in to the accommodation system using your experiment EX number, and book your accommodation online.


2.4 CSNS card
After you arrive, you can get a temporary card from the user office. The card is for you to enter the CSNS campus, as well as the experiment hall after authorization of access. 


2.5 Restaurant
Users can top up the card through the office of supporting service. The card can then be used to pay your meal at the CSNS restaurant and the convenience store.

Restaurant opening hours
7:30-8:30 Breakfast
11:30-12:30 Lunch
17:30-18:30 Dinner


3. Access CSNS data system

CSNS is also committed to keeping all data confidential. All data generated at CSNS will be catalogued into the CSNS Data Catalogue. You can log in to this catalogue using the email address as your username. 


All the experimental data is only available to the PI and his/her experimental team within 3 years. After that, the data will be open for public access. The data from industrial experiments can only be accessed by its industrial users. CSNS staff including those working at beamlines and IT center, will have the access to facility-related data.

The PI need to make sure that the experiment number (EX number) is correctly typed into the system, so that each data base can be associated with the right person.

4. Connect to the WiFi network

WiFi service is available inside the CSNS campus.


Please connect to the "IHEP" wireless network, and then it will automatically go to a page to submit your application. The network will be available only when your application is approved by your Experiment Contact.

Users can also use eduroam to connect to our visitors’ WiFi network. Eduroam is set up by your home institution so contact your local IT center before your visit.