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Date: 2021-03-08 Author:

Please make sure you have completed the online beam time application. You are also required to register the names of everyone that will visit CSNS, and schedule your experiment before you come. 


You will receive an e-mail from the user office once the Principal Investigator (PI) or your Experiment Contact has informed us that you are coming to carry out your experiment. You will be instructed to complete the following stages online.


1.Update your personal information at http://user.csns.ihep.ac.cn/detail.


2.Finish the online safety training program at http://user.csns.ihep.ac.cn/examing, then take (and pass) the CSNS safety test (if you have not done this within the past two years).


3.Check whether the sample environment equipment is correctly allocated, and contact us as soon as possible if there is any problem.

*If you need special equipment that requires design, assembly or testing, please send us the details of your request at least six weeks before the experiment.

4.Register the names of everyone that will visit CSNS so that they can be given access to enter the CSNS campus. Please complete the visit notification/registration online at http://user.csns.ihep.ac.cn/visit, to ensure that all participants in the experiment are included and submit an application for accommodation if required.

5.Complete the Experimental Risk Assessment (ERA) so that we can put the necessary safety arrangements in place. An ERA is required for all experiments.
*If you want your team member to complete the ERA, please send us an e-mail stating the experiment number and the member's e-mail address.
*If you have any questions about filling in the sample environment form, please contact us or the CSNS Sample Environment team at csnsuseroffice@ihep.ac.cn.

6.If your team members need the access to the CSNS computing resources, they can apply for an account at the CSNS User Service System.

7.Every member of your team who is coming to CSNS should finish the above stages at least one week before the experiment.

User Service System 


The User Service System is for registration, creating proposals, completing ERA, scheduling your experiment visits, taking the security tests, obtaining your experiment data, submitting experiment reports, and managing your personal information, etc.