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CSNS hosts the first Muon Application Workshop

Date: 2023-11-09 Author:
The first Muon Application Workshop was held 4-6 November in Dongguan. More than 70 muon experts all over the world gathered in Dongguan to discuss frontier muon sciences and its applications.

The workshop mainly discussed basic research, applied research, and experimental development that can be carried out on muon source, providing guidance and suggestions for the design, construction, and operation of MELODY, China's first muon source to be constructed at the CSNS campus.

"The construction of a muon source in China is of great significance for both China and the world. I have been studying and conducting research in the field of muon physics for many years, and I hope to contribute to the construction of China's muon source through participating in this workshop." Said muon physicist Yoshitaka Kuno.

The muon source is an important part of the CSNS-II project and will play a crucial role in research of condensed matter physics, magnetic materials, new energy materials, superconducting materials etc.