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CSNS Hosts Second Sci-Tech Committee Meeting

Date: 2021-11-01 Author:
50 experts attended the second CSNS Science and Technology Committee Meeting on November 13. The meeting mainly discussed the operation of CSNS as well as the planning of phase-II project.


CSNS director CHEN Yanwei gave an overall report on the operation of CSNS and the progress of phase-II project, while Prof. WANG Sheng and Prof. LIANG Tianjiao reported more details about the accelerator and the neutron instruments respectively.


The committee was impressed by CSNS’s outstanding performance and its growing speed to reach the international advanced level since 2018. Thanks to the effort in cultivating users, CSNS has received a large number of high-quality proposals, some of which have produced significant scientific results. The on-going construction of the other 7 cooperative instruments is progressing well. In terms of the phase-II project, the committee agreed that the overall construction plan is reasonable and feasible. The committee also agreed on CSNS’s proposal-to remain operating during the construction of phase-II project.


Meanwhile more suggestions were raised on the improvement of sample environment, user training, and future development of CSNS.