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CSNS Held 2021 Science Exhibition amid National Science Popularization Day

Date: 2021-10-14 Author:

CSNS held its 2021 science exhibition in Songshan Lake District of Dongguan City on Sep. 16-22. The theme of this year is "To probe the micro world with CSNS". 


The exhibition comprises a lot of activities, including poster session, interactive experiments session, Q&A session, and science lectures, attracting nearly 1,000 people to participate in person and more than 90,000 netizens to watch through live-streaming.


CSNS director CHEN Yanwei gave a keynote speech at the opening session. He introduced the construction process of CSNS as well as the scientific principles and achievements of the project. Poster session demonstrated the backgrounds and scientific principles of CSNS, the Southern Advanced Photon Source, and the boron neutron capture therapy facility.


CHEN Yanwei at his speech


As a highlighting session of this event, the interactive experiments attracted many students coming from all over the city, to participate in these well-designed small physics experiments.


Primary students doing experiments



In addition, the event also invited two senior researchers, Prof. WANG Fangwei and Prof. HUANG Weiling, to give talks respectively in a local primary school.



30 CSNS young scientists and engineers volunteering in this event