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MPI Passes Processing Assessment

Date: 2021-03-23 Author:

CSNS held a processing assessment for its first user instrument, the multi-physics instrument (MPI), on 23 March. The asseessment committee reviewed a summary report given by Dr. Wen Yin, the principal investigator of MPI. Followed by questions and discussions, they determined the test outline with a on-site test accordingly. The test result showed that MPI operates stably, and is better than the acceptance requirement.


MPI is CSNS’s first user instrument and was built in cooperation with Dongguan University of Technology and the City University of Hong Kong. It is also the first neutron total scattering instrument in China. It will mainly be used for research on materials with different ordered structures, focusing on structural analysis of long-range order and locally disordered materials, and long-range disorder and short-range ordered materials.


On 26 January, MPI received its first neutron beam from the target station, marking the succssuful installation of the instrument.