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A Consular Delegation Visits CSNS

Date: 2021-03-26 Author:

On March 25, a special delegation of foreign consular officers and journalists visited CSNS. Professor Tong Xin received the delegation and gave a detailed introduction about the basic principle and science highlights of CSNS.



The delegation also visited the target station, having the on-site experience of how the neutron is produced. The guests are interested in the CSNS project, raising questions such as "how to store neutrons"  "how neutron sources can help detect experimental samples" "what benefits can spallation neutron source bring", etc. Some are also interested in cooprating with CSNS, to provide opportunities for scholars from their countries to visit the CSNS and engage in relevant research work.



The tour is organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province and is about to focus on companies and institutions in the scientific and technological sector. It is expected to boost the international exchages and cooperations in the future.




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