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CSNS Back-n White Neutron Facility Passes Assessment

Date: 2020-11-27 Author:

CSNS organized a meeting to test the performance and assess the achievement of its Back-n white neutron facility on Nov. 14-15. Top scientists from domestic institutions participated in the process.


The Back-n facility was constructed by IHEP along with four collaborators. It is China’s first high-performance, high-intensity white neutron source with a wide, continuous energy spectrum. On behalf of the Back-n group, Prof. Tang Jingyu introduced the facility to members of the testing committee before the on-site performance tests. The Back-n group also reported its construction and research achievements to the assessment committee. Based on the test results, the assessment committee concluded that the comprehensive performance of Back-n is outstanding; it is the world’s first white neutron source to employ back-streaming neutrons.


Since it opened to users in March 2018, Back-n has operated efficiently. Experiments have been carried out in a wide range of fields, including those involving neutron nuclear data measurements, neutron detector calibrations, and neutron irradiation effects. 


Group photo